Lenovo XS9 Drone 8K Professional HD Dual Camera GPS Obstacle Avoidance


Lenovo XS9 Drone 8K Professional HD Dual Camera GPS Obstacle Avoidance Drones Remote Megaphone Quadcopter Toy UAV Free Shipping


Product code:Lenovo D-XS9 Professional Drone

Full set weight:500g

Battery weight:30g

Folded size:12*8*5.5cm

Package Size:26*23.5*5.5cm

Battery capacity:3.7V 1800mAh

Usage time:50 minutes

Remote control distance:9000m(GPS version)

Remote control function:

One-key take-off/one-key landing/ascent/descent/left/right direction/360° roll/headless mode/speed and slow speed/one-key reset/fine direction-adjustment/lens adjustment angle

Aerial photography application function:

One-key take-off/one-key landing/ascent/descent/left/right direction/360° roll/headless mode/speed/slow speed/photo/video/dual camera switch/automatic photo face recognition/gravity sensor/ runway flight


1.540° intelligent obstcle avoidance system to prevent collisions and damage to the aircraft. The OAS obstacle avoidance head automatically senses obstacles, automatically avoids obstacles when it is detected, and automatically hovers when encountering obstacles in all directions.

2. EIS intelligent anti-shake, capture beautiful moments, breakthrough excellent quality, capture dynamic moments at high speed, 8K image quality, movie-level high-definition output.

3. Multi-focal 3-shot, unlimited aerial photography creativity, flagship 3-shot, dual telephoto cameras, flexible and free composition, showing diverse perspectives. HD electronically adjustable lens, 90° adjustment, 120° wide angle, 50x zoom.

4. The front and bottom are equipped with high-definition optical flow vision lenses, which can freely switch the shooting angle and realize dual-angle switching. High dynamic range, high resolution, multiple angles, natural color restoration and light and shadow performance.

5. Optical flow positioning hovering, indoor and outdoor flying is as stable as Mount Tai, freeing your hands, easy to control, and always maintain a high hover.

6. Follow me function, lock the target through the APP, you can follow the target and start aerial photography to achieve follow-up shooting.

7. The foldable body is lightweight, easy to carry and worry-free. It adopts three-dimensional classic folding, which feels just right and can be easily held with one hand. It can take off and land with one button and is simple to operate.

8. Modular battery, long battery life, easy to replace, intelligent and energy-saving.

9. The screen is synchronized with the mobile phone, and the videos and pictures are stored in the mobile phone album. The drone can be connected to WiFi with the mobile phone, and the transmission is stable and high-speed.


Drone x 1

remote control x 1

Protective frame × 4

Spare blades x 2

Battery pack x 1

Charging cable x 1

screwdriver x 1

Instructions × 2

Storage bag x 1


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