About Us


About Us


Have you ever been in the midst of preparing a delicious meal only to realize you’re out of that one vital ingredient? Ever made a stop to your grocery store to find out they’ve just run out of what you need? With EzzyClick, grocery shopping is now easier, cheaper and more accessible than ever. Our online supermarket connects you with vendors and merchants from across Hong Kong and the UK, helping you find the highest quality products you need. Choose from over thousands of products and various brands, all of which available at your fingertips, and fix your delivery as per your convenience or schedule a pick up. We developed EzzyClick to make grocery shopping as easy and hassle-free as never before. By working with local vendors, we can offer you a wide range of products at competitive prices, all while supporting the small business. Our intuitive platform lets you find the best product and discover new exciting offerings from the comfort of your home. EzzyClick values your privacy. We place special emphasis on our users’ security and employ state-of-the-art measures to ensure compliance with all security regulations but also make sure your data and personal information are protected at all times. Grocery shopping made simple with EzzyClick!



Unlimited Choice

Choose from countless varieties from countless stores.


Buy from EzzyClick to catch attractive offers.

Pet Products

Easy food for your beloved pets.


Online Deliveries

Choose the best date for your groceries to be delivered.

Buy on the Go!

You can just download the App, check for your favorite store on the go and purchase.

Store Pick ups

You can always schedule for the suitable time and pick up after your busy day!